Monday, May 11, 2009


A self caricature based on "Andrea Pazienza" 's style. Oldie.

A friend's character for a RPG we played.

A character for a Comic Book which never saw the light.

A drawing I created & inked for the T-shirt we made at the end of the Military Service.

Inspired by Battle Chaser.

Conceptual Sketches

Rex. This was inspired by a game from Frontier.
I imagined I could have bought a droid instead of hiring people to man that Imperial Courier...

What the terminator would have looked like if SkyNet had had a sense of humour.
The head piece originally had a Clown decoration.

Mad Max-like vehicle for a Cyberpunk 2020 Game.
There was an entire motor-pool of these. Lost'em in a house moving.

Alexander. Was the help avatar for an e-learning software.
Fully flash animated.

Storyboard of a comic book for a friend.

A sketch-to-flash animation process for a kids-basketball team website.

Coloured Art

Camouflage study for armoured Assault trooper.
Helmet not included.

Another character (check Ink'd for the pal) RPG game.
Colours added lately.

One of my first attempts in colouring.

A Mole-Bear for a friend's D&D Adventure.

A late colouring. A birthday present for a friend.

Moonshine's the name. I mean, obvious, right? ;)

These two are the mascots I created for my Clan on Armed: Assault.
The 1st Italian Fighting Pheasant.
The leftmost is for Armoured Corps, the rightmost for Special Forces.

Nose-art and mascot for the Indie-Sim COMBAT HELO. (

Helmets. The last two of the right column are variants of the same model.
The lowermost has the screen lifted and an oxygen mask plugged in.

Drafts / Doodles

Simple sketches to try the new pencil.

A sketch for a personal project.

An old guy. Actually he's not as harmless as he looks.
He is the typical evil genius.

Kyle Nero. A troubled elf-child. That knife is definitely too big for him.

My brother in his brand new Mazda Miata. You can't see the smile 'cause he's too fast. ;)

A beast demon. Entirely made up by me,
after I had gotten amazed by The Maxx I'd seen lots of years ago in the U.S.A.

Something nice, the kind of litil divil.

Blakie. Human with some animal DNA.

How I see Tanis Half-Elven. Dragonlance.

Deeply inspired by the game Day of Defeat.
My favourite class.

A mechanical arm. A shoulder pad à la "Judge Dredd". And no hair.
I mostly enjoyed the volume and the big hand details.