Monday, May 11, 2009

Drafts / Doodles

Simple sketches to try the new pencil.

A sketch for a personal project.

An old guy. Actually he's not as harmless as he looks.
He is the typical evil genius.

Kyle Nero. A troubled elf-child. That knife is definitely too big for him.

My brother in his brand new Mazda Miata. You can't see the smile 'cause he's too fast. ;)

A beast demon. Entirely made up by me,
after I had gotten amazed by The Maxx I'd seen lots of years ago in the U.S.A.

Something nice, the kind of litil divil.

Blakie. Human with some animal DNA.

How I see Tanis Half-Elven. Dragonlance.

Deeply inspired by the game Day of Defeat.
My favourite class.

A mechanical arm. A shoulder pad à la "Judge Dredd". And no hair.
I mostly enjoyed the volume and the big hand details.

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