Monday, May 11, 2009

Coloured Art

Camouflage study for armoured Assault trooper.
Helmet not included.

Another character (check Ink'd for the pal) RPG game.
Colours added lately.

One of my first attempts in colouring.

A Mole-Bear for a friend's D&D Adventure.

A late colouring. A birthday present for a friend.

Moonshine's the name. I mean, obvious, right? ;)

These two are the mascots I created for my Clan on Armed: Assault.
The 1st Italian Fighting Pheasant.
The leftmost is for Armoured Corps, the rightmost for Special Forces.

Nose-art and mascot for the Indie-Sim COMBAT HELO. (

Helmets. The last two of the right column are variants of the same model.
The lowermost has the screen lifted and an oxygen mask plugged in.

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